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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Maharashtra Common Entrance Test MHT-CET 2011 notification for admissions to Health Sciences, Engineering and Pharmacy degree courses is now available on site. There will be a single application form and 3 brochures for the above three courses and these will be available from 23 March 2011.

Sale of Application Form with information brochures and submission of Application Form will be available at the following from 23rd March to 31st March 2011:
* At respective Junior College / High School
* At Divisional Authorities (For candidates who have appeared/passed HSC (12th Standard) or equivalent examination from Outside Maharashtra)

For a complete detailed notification of MHTCET 2011, please see

Help Line Numbers for MHT-CET Entrance exam
* For Engineering & Pharmacy Courses - (022) 30233-444 / 445 / 446
* For Health Science Courses - (022) 22620363/64 (Extension 317/323), 22652257/59

Maharashtra MHT-CET Exam Result

One of the main reasons for advancement in Maharastra Technological studies is that this state houses two economic power houses of India, Mumbai and Pune. Maharastra is the third largest state in terms of area and population, and one of the favorite destinations for aspiring technocrats. The State of Maharastra is home to 155 engineering colleges or some of the universities in maharashtra with an annual intake of 48250 students (according to 2004 Statistics). Among all the engineering colleges VJTI, D J Sanghvi College of Engineering, Government Engineering College Pune are some of those institutions, which have established themselves as instances of perfect quality for studies and research among students, academicians, educationists and scientists.

About the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) Exam:

If you are interested to be a part of this Maharastra Technological Studies scenario, then it becomes mandatory on your part to appear for the MHT CET examination one of the premier engineering entrance exam in India. One of the distinguishing features of the MHT CET exam is that, it does not carry any strict domicile requirement. Candidates from Maharastra and other states of India are welcome to appear for this examination. On this context one aspect needs special mention that the non Maharashtra candidates can apply for the admissions against the Institute level seats and the vacant seats after completion of Centralized Admission Process. But this condition is completely applicable in case of the Unaided Private MHT CET Engineering Colleges/Institutes.

The autonomous Colleges of Maharashtra take a bit different approach for selection of the candidates. The selection is held through a separate Admission Process, followed by Counseling.
Here follows names of those institutions which are falling under this category:

1. College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) (

2. University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (UICT) (

3. Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai (VJTI) (

4. Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded. (SGGSIET) (

5. Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli (WCE) (

MHT CET Exam Result 2011

MHT CET Exam Result

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The Maharashtra Health and Technology Common Entrance Examination (MHT-CET) is the single exam for admissions to health sciences, Engineering and pharmacy courses. Even the admission for veterinary sciences course (BVSc and AH) are conducted through same examination.

Eligibility Criteria for MHT- CET 2012:- Candidate should have passed or equivalent examination with English, Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics with atleast 50% aggregate marks in PCM . There is 5% relaxation for Maharashtra backward classes. Candidates appearing for 10+2 examinations can also apply.

MHT-CET Exam 2012 Syllabus, Pattern:-

The medium for examination shall be English or Marathi or Urdu for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. However, Mathematics paper shall be in English only.

The MHT-CET 2012 will consist of three question papers. Each paper is of 100 marks.

* Paper I :- Physics & Chemistry (50 marks each)
* Paper II :- Biology (Botany & Zoology - 50 marks each)
* Paper III :- Mathematics (100 Marks)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

MHT CET Result

Handling the MHT-CET OMR answer sheet correctly

In MHT-CET exam, the answers are to be marked on a special type of answer sheet called Optical Mark Reader (OMR) sheet. This answer sheet is evaluated by a OMR scanner machine. It is very important that you handle the OMR sheet very carefully because the scanner is very sensitive to errors and has very less tolerance. An almost replica of it is given in the last pages of MHT-CET brochures.

The MHT-CET OMR answer sheet is very thin — as thin as a newspaper sheet. So do not use much force and handle it gently. It can tear easily. While darkening circles to mark roll no., answer, or while writing other information such as MHT-CET question paper no, be careful not to exert much pressure with the pen. Else, the pen might poke through the OMR answer sheet and the sheet may be not be correctly evaluated by the OMR scanner.

While darkening the circle, first carefully darken the border of the circle and then shade the interior of the circle. If you simply scratch or graze without drawing an outline/border, it is very likely that the marking may leak out of the circle. Such marking may not be read by the OMR scanner. Also, be careful that the marking does not touch another circle.

Do not make any marking on the left and right border of the OMR answer sheet where small black rectangles are arranged in stacks. These markings are utilized by the OMR scanner to position its reading. Any unexpected marking may interfere with the scanning process and its very likely to produce incorrect evaluation.

Make all the markings with black ball point pen only. Do not use gel pens or fountain ink pens. Do not use a pointed pen. Do not use Cello gripper because its too sharp to poke through the OMR answer sheet. Instead go for blunt types. Do not carry leaking pens. If it leaks while marking answers, it may spill ink and may produce markings which will interfere with the OMR scanner. Carry more than one pen of the same brand. Many times, the tip of the pen becomes hot and thus the ink does not flow smoothly.

Maharashtra MHT-CET Exam Result 2010

Maharashtra MHT-CET 2010 Results

Government of Maharashtra conducted a single combined “Common Entrance Test” MHT-CET-2009 for all Health Sciences, Engineering and Pharmacy degree courses for the academic year 2009-2010. The said CET held on May 12, 2009.
Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT-CET)-2010 Results for medical, engineering and pharmacy degree courses will be announced on 14th June, 2009 (Sunday), 10 am.Total number of Candidates appeared in CET-2010 around 2.48 lakhs.

Internal motivation for success at MHT-CET

Who won’t like to be known as ‘brilliant’ ? But how many can achieve and actually preserve their brilliance over the years ? Do you know someone from your schooldays who was very bright in those days but now is nothing above an average student ? Well, there are many such students. The questions that immediately arises in my mind is how did this drastic and undesirable transformation occurred ?

Whatever be the reason on surface, the ultimate reason is that the force driving that brilliance is not internal but external. And the moment external driving force goes brilliance too goes. How sad, but true, many students have been dependent upon external forces for being successful in our studies. I have an interesting case study with me today.


This is about an boy who is about 17 yrs old, a science student studying in Std.12th. He will be appearing soon for his H.S.C. board exam and MHT-CET. So don’t you expect him to be prepared with atleast 65-75% of his studies ? The truth is that his current performance has been average but not to forget that he would excel at his school exams in early years. What happened to him now ? Is he not that intelligent ? Doesn’t he have good resources ?


I observed the student, his activities, his surroundings, his friends circle etc. And most importantly, his aptitude. He had an excellent aptitude for what he wanted to be. He had access to all the resources one would need to excel: good professors, good notes, enough money to buy books, etc.!

The problem:

He had a lot distractions. He had a fully loaded mp3 player, a PC with latest games, etc! But they were not the root cause of his deteriorating. The process started when external force could no longer work. In his childhood days, his parents would constantly be behind him for studying. So, as a child, he had no options but to study. Even though it was forced, he studied and could write well in the exam, scored well. But as happens with everything, he got ‘used’ to it and then the response started to fade. He then needed greater amount of force. By this time, his parents (who were providing the external force) got fed up of constantly reminding him and let him on his own. Did you realize that the external powerful force just vanished ? It also took his academic brilliance away with it and left behind an academically average student. The students was in a ‘mature’ state of mind, which meant he had lot worries about his future. Just as some adults turn to alcohol when they are bugged with worries, this boy turned to MP3s and PC games, unknowingly. Deep in his mind, he wanted an ‘instant relief’ from all his worries, which MP3 and PC games provided. It progressed gradually to addiction. This is where short-sightedness started creeping in.

MHT CET Exam Result 2010

Types of questions asked in MHT-CET

The syllabus for MHT-CET is same as that for H.S.C. of Maharashtra Board. All the questions are objective, multiple choice(4 choices) with one correct or most appropriate answer.

About 40% MCQs are easy(E level), 30 % are medium level (M level) and remaining 30% are difficult(D level). All these questions are asked only from the textbooks santioned by the Board. No question which is beyond the scope of sanctioned textbooks is asked in MHT-CET exam.

The preparation for H.S.C. and MHT-CET exam is different, through you basically learn the same concepts and facts. However, in MHT-CET, better understanding of concept and indepth knowledge of facts is required. If the student is well prepared for H.S.C. exam, he can expect to score 92% in the 40% E and 30% M level MCQs.

For scoring well in 30 D level MCQs, diligent preparation is required. D level MCQs are often those demanding bit-more-thinking, manipulation, strong knowledge of formulas, knowledge of unique content from various textbooks, and common-sense and a lot of practice.

The best source for practicing E and M level MCQs is those given at the end of each chapter in sanctioned textbooks, MCQ practice books, tuition study material, etc. For D levels MCQs, no standard source can be identified as there is no limit to how creatively, manipulatively a paper setter can think. Some of these D level MCQs can be found the reference books too. Many private tutors create such D level questions but do not publish them publicly. They are available only to their students.